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Acquigo Pricing

The Acquigo Algorithmic Marketing Cloud comes with a simple yet unique and transparent pricing structure and flexible subscription model.

 Acquigo’s pricing is influenced by a few factors -

customer base

The Size of your customer base

The number of customers that you have influences the basic subscription cost for Acquigo. Greater the size of your customer base, the lesser the cost per customer-record!


The Channels you have Subscribed to

Acquigo offers you the flexibility to either use Acquigo’s built-in communication channels or integrate your pre-existing infrastructure with it. The pricing changes based on your requirement.

Professional Support

The Professional Support you require

Despite being a highly intuitive platform, some brands prefer to outsource the campaign management activity to Acquigo. Acquigo then deploys dedicated campaign managers to run campaigns, which impacts pricing.

Tell us what you need and we will get back to you with a customized pricing within 24 hours.

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