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Working with Acquigo is as Simple as 1, 2, 3 …

Working with Acquigo is as Simple as 1, 2, 3 …


  • An Acquigo expert maps data fields.
  • Acquigo creates micro-segments and campaigns automatically.
Campaign Creation

Campaign Creation

  • View recommended campaigns on the Dashboard.
  • Select campaigns you wish to run.
  • Choose channel(s) for communication.
  • Pick the date(s) for your campaign launch.
  • Review your selections and confirm.

Communication Development

  • Choose a template from various options for each channel.
  • Customize content, if required.
  • Review and save.
  • Select a landing page from the choices offered.
  • Review the changes made and confirm.
Communication Development
Automatic Execution, Reporting & Optimization

Automatic Execution, Reporting and Optimization

  • Acquigo adds tracking codes to creatives and landing pages automatically.
  • It then executes each campaign on scheduled date(s).
  • It captures data and creates reports.
  • And updates optimization variables.

Select campaigns for various customer segments based on your marketing and business goals. Acquigo will then execute those campaigns on the scheduled dates and will also report back to you on their performance, all the while optimizing them behind the scenes.

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