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15 Behavioural Campaign-Ideas for Bank Marketers

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Banking 2.0 Hello! Welcome to the Acquigo blog. Are you a bank marketer with the responsibility of running 1:1 marketing campaigns targeted at your customers? Your expectation of your customers is that they would use your bank’s account as their primary one for credit and debit transactions while maintaining a decent balance so you would…

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4 Marketing Campaign Success Influencing Features that are Missing in Today’s Marketing Automation Platforms

marketing automation

If you are a marketer looking to find a good marketing automation platform to help you run marketing campaigns at scale, you will discover that most platforms offer similar features. All of today’s marketing automation / campaign management platforms give you the ability to upload lists, create segments, send cross-channel communication, nurture them and track…

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The definitive guide to maximizing campaign responses


Automate Your Marketing Most marketing campaigns today, even the ones targeted at existing customers, get only about a 1% response. What is even worse is that some marketers treat this 1% response and 10% conversion from those responses as cause for celebration, ignoring the fact that their campaigns are rejected by 99.9% of their customers.…

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