When you take a week or more to generate one creative, it is not a problem if you send brute force one-size-fits-all creatives.

But when you have Acquigo that can intelligently micro-segment your customers, each segment needs a finely crafted creative most relevant for that micro-segment. This needs a Creative factory that can design and deliver creatives at scale.

Acquigo exactly has one and we call that as Marketing Portal. Marketing Portal allows you to pre-define creative approaches for each recommended action that will influence users to take intended action.


Approach definition usually starts with email channel and it requires you to enter the below.

Subject line

Banner headline, Sub-headline and CTA

Lead in text

Section, sub-section and CTA


Once the required details are entered, Acquigo's built-in algorithms place those details on relevant places on the built-in email templates.

This isn't the magic. The real magic is that the algorithms are intelligent enough to pick up appropriate copy unit and automatically decide content for other channels such as SMS, Push Notifications, Direct Mail and Voice.

This saves a significant time to create creative / communication for those channels from the scratch. Instead, you may just edit them without leaving the interface and also without the help of a designer / agency.

Once this one time activity is completed, whenever you want to launch a campaign, you only want to select your preferred approach. The final personalized creative will be ready in a matter of minutes.







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