Multiple Exposures

Mulitple Exposures

When you send a campaign to a customer only once, it is very likely it will go un-noticed. However, if you are sending the same campaign to a customer multiple times, you end up spamming the customers and create campaign fatigue.

Acquigo overcomes this problem with the Multiple Exposure feature. It allows you to run 3 exposures of the campaign. The communication on each of the occasion will be different such as,

multiple exposure

The first exposure introduces the offering and why it is relevant for the customers

The second exposure explains the benefits that come with the offer

The third exposure explains why the offering from the brand is better


With this approach, Acquigo ensures the customers are neither contacted less nor bombarded with more messages while also maximizing the probability of getting the message exposed at a favourable moment where a customer might be making a decision.


To start with, by default, Acquigo follows 3-exposures for each campaign. However, with more data about customer responses to campaign kick-in, the algorithms will automatically optimize this number that will be highly relevant to your customer base.


Also, if you wish to increase the multiple exposure limit for specific campaigns, Acquigo allows you to do the same by raising a request that will get approved by a reviewer.







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