10X Marketing Campaign Effectiveness

Marketing Campaign Effectivenes

Achieving 10X effectiveness on marketing campaigns is a function of two key parameters viz relevance and scale.

Driving Relevance

Acquigo drives relevance on marketing campaigns and generates responses in the range of 10-40%    by doing the below, algorithmically.


Dissecting customer and transaction data to identify different behaviours exhibited by customers


Grouping customers with similar behaviours at a micro level and coming up with hundreds of micro-segments interactively presented


Recommending hundreds of marketing actions for each micro-segment that are highly relevant. These actions are targeted at a wide range of marketing life stage goals applicable for each product.


Presenting context-driven omnichannel communication i.e. imagery and copy that are highly relevant and personalized to the micro-segments' characteristics

Driving Scale

Acquigo drives scale by providing you the ability to run hundreds of unique campaigns with the click of a button. Acquigo provides this by doing the below algorithmically.


Providing the ability to choose approaches and develop creatives and landing pages in a matter of minutes on the Marketing Portal module

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Automatic addition of tracking codes on creative and landing pages with built-in tag management module


Automatic execution of omnichannel campaigns with schedulers


Automatic optimization of responses by optimizing hundreds of variables with the Auto-Pilot module