Acquigo goes beyond conventional personalization of addressing customers with their first names and does hyper-personalization.

In Acquigo, hyper-personalization is driven at the following levels.


Creative Communication

Delivery Channel



At a campaign level, Acquigo facilitates hyper-personalization by ensuring the campaign that the customers receive are of highest relevance to them.

The campaigns that the customers see will be a response to the customers' needs and not as a response to business pressures and targets, thereby ensuring utmost relevance and completely personalized.


At a creative level, contextual imagery and copy will be used to deliver hyper-personalization. Every campaign is a response to a customer's action.

The campaign creative will carry communication on why the brand is making the particular offering to the customer.

For instance, if a bank is sending a Term Deposit offer for a customer because $50,000 in lying idle in the savings account that doesn't give the customer any interest, the creative will carry a copy on the lines of "Don't leave your money idle in your savings account. Get $100 every month as interest when you move the amount to a term deposit"


This will ensure the communication is of highest relevance to the customer and is hyper- personalized with the customer's own balance.

Delivery Channel

Acquigo hyper-personalizes delivery channel at a customer level. This is driven by the fact that different customers respond to campaigns relayed through different channels.

Moreover, Acquigo doesn't keep channel at the centre and allow building of campaigns over it. Instead, Acquigo allows to build campaigns around the customer and automatically chooses which channel to be used to deliver the campaign.

This approach eliminates the drawback of conventional channel based communication by ensuring every customer is touched on one channel or the other with the relevant communication.







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