How it works?

Micro Segmentation

Working With Acquigo is

As Simple As 1,2,3…

Working With Acquigo is As Simple As 1,2,3…


  • A Acquigo expert maps data fields.
  • Acquigo creates micro segments and campaigns automatically.


Campaign Creation

  • View recommended campaigns on the Dashboard.
  • Select campaigns to run.
  • Select channel(s) to run the campaign.
  • Pick the date(s) when the campaign should run and save.
  • Review your selections and confirm.

Communication Development

  • Select from readily available templates for each channel.
  • Make changes to content, as required.
  • Review and freeze content.
  • Select landing page.
  • Review the changes made and confirm.
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Automatic Execution, Reporting & Optimization

  • Acquigo adds tracking codes to creatives and landing page automatically.
  •  It then executes campaigns on scheduled date(s).
  • It also captures and present reports.
  • And, updates optimization variables.

Keep selecting and running campaigns day in and day out with just a few clicks. Acquigo will keep executing the campaigns on the scheduled dates and will report back you on their performance, while optimizing the campaigns at the backend.

Want to see Acquigo in action?