How Acquigo Differs From Other Marketing Clouds

How Acquigo Differs From Other Marketing Clouds

All marketing automation platforms, including the leading ones expect the platform end user to conceptualize and execute campaigns by following the below sequence of steps.


Defining segmentation criteria


Identification of data variables required to define the segments


Identification of where in the data lake / data warehouse / data mart those variables are residing


Developing queries to segment customers


Design campaigns using flowchart based journey design Executing queries and generate list


Deduplication of selected customers

To perform all of the above tasks it take more than 2 weeks.Moreover the most important activity in campaign management, i.e. defining segmentation criteria is largely done out of intuition or heuristics.

This results in responses in the range of just 1-2%.

Acquigo automates each and every activity of campaign design.

Acquigo automatically dissects behaviour in the customer base and presents hundreds of micro-segments.


Acquigo also provides hundreds of marketing actions covering growth retention, engagement and satisfaction.

Each of the micro-segment is mapped with next best action and presented as actions of highest relevance to the customers.


Acquigo also makes the creative development process, a seamless and quicker one.

Once creative is developed, Acquigo automatically adds tracking code, executes campaigns, track responses and optimize the same.


To execute campaigns with Acuigo, you don't need to design complex flowchart based journeys. All you need to do is select the recommended action that you want to take against a specific micro-segment, apply demographic and psychographic filters over behaviourally identified segments to sharpen the segments.The entire activity takes only a few clicks.

This results in brands getting the power to run hundreds of campaigns at any given point of time and generate responses in the range of 10-40% due to the extreme relevance of campaigns to the customers.