Acquigo can connect to almost any data source with its pre-built connectors.

As part of setting up Acquigo, we will deploy a team of data scientists that will map variables to suit the data needs of the platform.

During the process, we will also co-create the micro-segments and recommendations to suit your business needs.

Acquigo has pre-built delivery infrastructure for the below channels.



Mobile Push


Pre-login portal

Post-login portal

Once the required details are entered, Acquigo's built-in algorithms place those details on relevant places on the built-in email templates.

100% Complaint with GLPA, CAN-SPAM Act and TCPA regulations

SOC2 Type II

Compliant with the European Union's GDPR

And, is also compliant with OWASP standards

Acquigo is 100% compliant with GLBA, CAN-SPAM Act and TCPA regulations. Acquigo is SOC2 Type II certified and is also compliant with OWASP standards. It is also compliant with the European Union's GDPR regulation.

However, if you wish to use any other platform that you may already have inhouse, we can integrate Acquigo with those platforms.

In the upcoming versions of Acquigo, more channels such as ATM / Kiosk, and social media will be supported.