For each of the micro-segment created by Acquigo, there are hundreds of pre-built marketing actions targeted at engagement, growth, satisfaction and retention.

These actions are algorithmically mapped to the micro-segments and are presented as campaigns.

All customers that are eligible for each of these campaigns, will find the communication highly relevant resulting in responses in the range of 10-40%.

Acquigo understands the heterogeneity between businesses. Acquigo offers flexibility to map these business actions. Upon subscription to Acquigo, we will co-create these actions and also customize priorities to suit your business.

The objective of the campaign recommendations engine is to automate the entire campaign design process involving goal definition, target audience definition, campaign journey design, query building, list generation and de- duplication.

Usually, the process of designing a campaign takes anywhere between 1-2 weeks. However, the campaign recommendations engine trivializes the entire activity that can be executed in just a few clicks.