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Increased Campaign Response Rates

Maximize Responses With
Automatic Campaign Optimization

Maximize Responses with Automatic Campaign Optimization

Even a novice in marketing
knows how
difficult campaign
optimization is


Even a novice in marketing
knows how difficult
campaign optimization is

How do you know if Sunday is better than Wednesday to send an email?

Does an SMS sent on weekdays get a better response?

Will a long boring email be more effective than a short and sweet push message?

How do you know which creative is most effective?

The variables are way too many for even the best marketer to process! That is why we need a system that optimises it for you.

Acquigo has an automatic campaign optimization module we call "Auto Pilot".

Automatic Campaign Optimization with Auto-Pilot

Auto-Pilot optimizes campaign responses at the following levels.

Micro-segment icon

Micro-segment variables

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Micro-segment variable values

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Next best action

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Communication icon

Communication approach

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Delivery time of day

Micro-segment variables

This is about the optimization of variables that are directly available from systems as well as derived values used to micro-segment customers.

In a banking scenario, it could be current balance, average monthly balance, etc.

Auto-Pilot determines which of the variables will impact response rates and then decides on the variables to be used in micro-segmenting customers.


Micro-segment variable values

All variables used to determine criteria for defining a micro-segment, are optimized.

For instance, in a retail scenario, if a recent order value is one of the parameters for defining a micro-segment, Auto-Pilot automatically optimizes the value range for the parameter that is considered.

Auto-Pilot automatically optimizes the value of every single variable used to define micro-segments.

Next Best Action

The recommended action for similar micro-segments but with subtle variations among them, is optimized.

If a 1000 insurance customers have less than 30 days to renew their policies, the consideration of other parameters such as each customer's usual renewal time may have a different next best action.

The Auto-Pilot may recommend

an "engagement" campaign to the set of customers who usually renew their policies right on the policy lapse date.

a "winback" campaign to the set of customers who usually renew their policies at least a month before the policy lapses.

a "retention" campaign to the set of customers who usually renew their policies right two weeks before the policy lapse date.

Like this, the Auto-Pilot can optimize every single recommended action.


Auto Pilot also optimizes delivery channels based on customer data availability as well as customer-preferences based on past responses to specific types of campaigns.

For instance, if 100 customers in a micro-segment have mobile numbers in the database and not their email addresses, conventional flowchart- based email drip campaigns would exclude those customers without listed email addresses.

Acquigo's Auto-Pilot automatically sends SMS to them.

If customers' mobile numbers are unavailable, other delivery channels for which the details are present will be used to make sure all customers connected with.

Auto-Pilot also optimizes the campaign delivery channel at a 'per customer' level by picking their preferred delivery channel based on past responses to various campaign types.

Communication Approach

Auto Pilot even optimizes the approach to be used in selecting creatives for each objective.

All objectives have a finite set of approaches, each of which focus on various benefits of the product.

Auto-Pilot automatically finds which approach works best on specific micro-segments and automatically uses it, ensuring maximum responses.

Maximize Responses With Automatic Campaign Optimization

Delivery Time

This refers to when an email / SMS / mobile push / voice should be relayed to a customer so that he/she will positively respond to a campaign.

By capturing customer responses for campaigns, Auto-Pilot automatically determines which day of the week and which time of the day the customers are more receptive to the campaign.







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