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Communication Design

Accelerated Communication Design

Maximize Reach and Relevance with Accelerated Communication Design

Conventional creative development processes for email and landing pages usually involve briefing, ideation, imagery identification, stock image purchase, copy development, visual design, UI development, landing page development, tracking code generation and deployment and quality check.

All this can take about 3-5 days. When you add additional channels such as SMS, Mobile Push etc. the TAT will go further north.

So you end up sending brute force one-size-fits-all creatives.

Acquigo gives you the capability to intelligently micro-segment your customers and run hundreds of campaigns, calling for finely-crafted creatives that are relevant to each segment.

For this, you need a creative engine that can design and deliver creatives at scale and Acquigo has just that. We call it the Marketing Portal.

How the Marketing Portal Accelerates Communication Design

We understand the role played by creatives in persuading users. The Marketing Portal allows you to pre-define creative approaches for each recommended action that will influence users favourably.


Approach definition usually starts with the email channel and requires you to enter.

  • Subject line
  • Banner headline, Sub-headline and CTA
  • Lead in text
  • Section, sub-section and CTA
  • Disclaimer

Once the required details are entered, Acquigo's built-in algorithms place those details on relevant places on the built-in email templates.

This isn't the magic. The real magic is that the algorithms are intelligent enough to pick up appropriate copy units and automatically decide content for other channels such as SMS, Push Notifications, Direct Mail and Voice.


This saves a lot of time as you do not need to create creatives / communication for those channels from scratch. You can just edit them without leaving the interface or without the help of a designer / agency.


Once this one-time activity is done, whenever you want to launch a campaign, just choose the approach you like. The final personalized creative will be ready in a matter of minutes.


Pro Tip

Your product may have several benefits. Pick an approach for each of them. Make sure that you send each micro-segment, what customers in that lot would see as most valuable to them.

Apart from this, there will be a one-time brand customization effort performed during integration. This automates specific activities in the creative development process


Uploading your brand style guide / CSS for email, direct mail and landing pages


Uploading your brand's logo


Compliance details such as name, address, privacy policy, T&C, disclaimer and unsubscribe details

acc icon

Compliance-level restrictions on certain information

Once approaches are chosen, and creatives and landing pages assembled for campaigns, Acquigo automatically generates and adds tracking codes to track the performance of each campaign.

Acquigo accelerates the creative development process, bringing down the turnaround time from 3-5 days to less than 15 minutes.

As a result you can develop highly-relevant communication to various micro-segments at scale.







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