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Accelerated Campaign Generation

Accelerated Campaign Generation

Maximize Reach and Growth Opportunities
with Accelerated Campaign Design

Maximize Reach and Growth Opportunities with Accelerated Campaign Design

Campaign design involves a sequence of activities.


Goal Definition

The business objective that the brand wishes to achieve through this campaign.


Target Audience Definition

The segment or group of customers that this campaign will target.

Campaign Journey Design

How exactly the campaign would flow.
The channels.
The number of exposures.
What to do if a customer responds / not responds.

Query Building

Acquigo's algorithms take care of the data processing, variable definitions, micro-segment-creation and customer selection, all by themselves. Queries are developed to aggregate data points from multiple tables to find the right customers to be grouped together as a segment.

List Generation

Queries are executed to generate lists of eligible customers along with necessary information for contact and personalization such as first name, email address, mobile number etc. To ensure data privacy, all this information cannot be accessed by anyone that uses Acquigo, and is sent to the particular communication system over API. Without any human involvement whatsoever.


Removing duplicates from the generated list - unsubscribed customers, those who have already been contacted the maximum number of times, etc.

The entire process from goal definition to list generation and de-duplicating the list takes at least 5-7 days for each campaign. Which means that only a handful of new campaigns can be developed in a month. Acquigo automates every activity of campaign design, empowering brands getting to run hundreds of campaigns at any given point of time.

Here is how Acquigo accelerates campaign design at every step.

Goal Definition

Acquigo gives you a comprehensive list of marketing objectives - growth, retention, engagement and satisfaction - which are mapped to campaigns that are ready to go!

Target Audience Definition

Acquigo comes with hundreds of built-in customer micro-segments that are mapped with appropriate next best actions. You can choose the micro-segment that you want to target and the recommended action in just a click.

Campaign Journey design

There are hundreds of built-in customer micro-segments, mapped with appropriate next best actions. Just choose the micro-segment that you want to target and the recommended action with just one click.

Once this is done, Acquigo takes over and does the rest automatically, without any human involvement.







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