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Simplify Marketing Decisions with Abstracted Marketing Strategies

123Simplify Marketing Desicions With Abstracted Marketing Strategies

Marketing technologies are usually sold to Marketing Heads. However, senior leaders rarely use these tools.

The people who actually use the tools don't have any strategic clarity on the segmentation, planning and the optimization of marketing campaigns which can drive effectiveness and revenue growth.

Crafting a marketing strategy in keeping with customer behaviours and needs on the one hand and business objectives and goals on the other, is very complex. No tool on earth can solve this problem directly.

Simplify Marketing Desicions with Abstracted Marketing Strategies

All marketing automation platforms, including the most popular ones, expect the user to come up with strategy. These platforms also expect users to translate their strategy into campaign logic and design campaign flows, usually using a flowchart model. Once all this is done, these platforms neatly execute the campaigns.

Since most operational marketing people lack strategic clarity on customer behaviour-led segmentation or aligning campaign objectives with brand goals, they end up creating a bunch of cross-sell campaigns bowing to business pressure.

Acquigo comes with sophisticated algorithms derived from running 97,000+ campaigns over 15 years targeted at 1 billion consumers across a range of industries.

These marketing algorithms analyse customer behaviours, build customer profiles from your customer data and create hundreds of micro-segments. Apart from recommending the right marketing strategy for each segment, they also optimise based on responses.

Acquigo does not expect you to make any strategic decisions. Anyone can execute campaigns easily without having to depend on senior marketing leaders.

Who we are

We are one of the pioneers in bringing Marketing Automation to India. It was for HDFC Bank, one of our oldest clients, way back in 2004.

We built a 1:1 marketing framework for the Bank, at a time when the concept itself was in its nascent stages.

Since then we have conceptualized and executed over 97,000 campaigns for over 100 clients across diverse verticals such as Banking, Insurance, Retail, Telco, Automobile and Realty.


Our campaigns have touched over a billion people, eliciting more than 10 million responses - so we know what we are talking about, based on experience.

Over the years, we felt that if we could bring all of our learnings into one platform and reduce the pressure on users to make strategic marketing decisions, it would help brands immensely. The result is the Acquigo Algorithmic Marketing Cloud.

Abstracted Marketing Strategies

Due to a lack of strategic marketing thinking and the inability to decode customer behaviour, most users end up creating just a bunch of cross-sell campaigns.

Acquigo comes with hundreds of pre-built, behaviour-based campaigns covering a range of marketing objectives.













It is not easy to segment customers based on behaviour and then map actions to meet their requirements.

Acquigo's algorithms automatically scan your customer-base and create not just hundreds of customer micro-segments, it also maps appropriate next-best actions for each micro-segment, and presents campaigns that can be launched in just a few clicks.


Very often, there is no clarity on the number of times a message needs to be sent to a customer. Sometimes it is not enough, limiting awareness. At other times, it is overdone, causing campaign fatigue. Through the Multiple Exposures feature in the platform, Acquigo sends three different messages for each marketing goal, ensuring there is the correct amount of messaging which can elicit the best responses.







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