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Acquigo is Xerago's 15+ Years of Marketing Automation Experience Crystallized in One Platform

The Brain Behind Acquigo - Xerago

Xerago, the brain behind Acquigo, is an integrated marketing services entity that has been working with marketing automation platforms for over 15 years. A pioneer in bringing marketing automation to India as far back as 2005, Xerago has over 50 global brands in its client roster.

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The Story of Acquigo

Despite investing millions in marketing automation platforms, we have seen several companies struggle to scale up their campaign volumes and improve response rates. Acquigo is the outcome of all the "work-arounds" we implemented to overcome the drawbacks of those platforms. In other words, Acquigo can simplify campaign efforts and amplify campaign results.

Acquigo - Secret Sauce

We built Acquigo based on our 15-odd years of the "in-the-trenches" marketing automation experience, along with key inputs from industry veterans, marketing academics, our customers, marketing leaders, data scientists, campaign managers, solution consultants and tech leaders. It is a combination of the ways we handled the strategic and operational challenges faced and a dream version of a marketing platform.

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When you subscribe to Acquigo, you don't just get access to another marketing cloud. Instead, you get to tap into our intelligence gleaned from running more than 97K campaigns for over 50 global brands, touching a billion people over the last 15-odd years, crystallized in a single platform.

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